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FOX News
Dec 2, 2012 9:00pm PST
williams, didn't subscribe to the pilgrims and then the pilgrims morphed into the puritans puritans and the sh child. it wasn't the pilgrim movement wasn't an oppression from the very beginning, but they did have problems accepting other people reside points of view. dd -- other people's points of grew. >> no group of people is -- >> except the factor and he factor staff. >> what i love though is the fact i could actually reach back in time in order to get some wisdom about how to move forward in the future for my kid. thought i knew who the pilgrims were and what i discovered was that these guys are in very main ways my heroes because they had enough foresight to know we would get off track one day. >> what was their headline? give me their headline. >> they left us a set of principles and a secret sauce, so to speak, in at the form of 180 tons of granite, the very top of that statue, her name is faith. and faith is the very core of that statue that has been paid for by the state of massachusetts, and that faith works itself out in all of these wonderful ways that provide civility
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1